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A Little About Me...

The first book I ever read to myself was the encyclopedia How Things Work and that is when my love of science began. I was excited to find that science could help me understand how and why things happen. I continue to be curious about everything around me and to seek answers for things I don’t understand. This love for science has helped me become who I am today.

 When I was young, I was raised mostly by my mother in Alexandra, Louisiana. My mother taught me many things before I even started school, such as how to write my name and how to speak with a larger vocabulary. My family always supported me no matter what we went through. In elementary and middle school, I had friends who had similar interests and goals and this helped me become a positive leader and role model for my little sister and brother. I soon developed a rule to live by, which was “to never give up.” I still live by that rule today. It keeps me focused and above the influence of peer pressure.

Because of my love of science, I have always been ahead of the class in that subject. I was able to make logical hypotheses from a young age about why things work the way they do. I would then go to the library to check to see if it was right. I am still ahead of my class in science. It has helped me develop what I  believe is my strongest characteristic -- I don’t give up and if I say I will do something I try my hardest to make it happen. I also love to see results, such as when I created a fuel cell with high efficiency for my chemistry class. I dedicate myself to my work and I strive to excel at it. When I got into high school, my motives didn’t change. I spent my ninth grade year at Peabody Magnet High in Louisiana and my love for science stood out to my science teacher and I quickly became known as a good student.  I did my work and opened the book to study when I was done.

 It was at that time that I started thinking about what I will do after I graduate from high school. I then created a list of three fields that interest me the most and I would enjoy studying. I wrote down that I would like to be an engineer, an astrophysicist or a biochemist. I would enjoy being an engineer because I enjoy seeing things on paper brought to life and serve a purpose. I would enjoy being an astrophysicist because I have always wondered what’s beyond this world, such as what goes on in space and why. Last, but not least, I would enjoy being a biochemist because I am fascinated with life and why organisms adapt to their environment. As I did my research, it became clear that I would enjoy studying biochemistry the most because I find the chemistry behind what makes us adapt to our ever-changing environment to be interesting. It especially appeals for its implications for saving lives and changing the world.

 I have a love for knowledge that has only grown over the years. I have always loved science and always will. It is my passion and even from a young age I knew that I would go to college for science and have a good career doing what I love to do.  Going to college is a very important part of my plan and I know I will work hard and be dedicated even more so than I am now.



·     Mu Alpha Theta Award 3/28/2010


·     U.S. Metric Association Award 3/28/2010


·     New York State Science Congress Award


·     The American Chemical Society Certificate of Excellence


·     I-SWEEEP 2010 Certificate Of Achievement Bronze Medal


·     Yale Science & Engineering Association INC. Award


·     Intel International Science and Engineering 2011 Finalist


·     GSSSF Excellence Award